Psalm 2:8 "And I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession." Embark Global Ministries

Our Ministries

At Embark Global Ministries, our mission is to empower the body of Christ to share the Gospel across the nations and with those they encounter every day. We believe that we exist to know God and to make Him known through day-to-day evangelism that is an outpouring of a life founded on the power of the Gospel. Our ministries focus on meeting physical needs and spiritual needs in our own communities and in countries across the globe. 


At Embark, we believe that in searching for ways to share the love of God, you can start in your own backyard. We engage in community outreach with food distributions, street evangelism, partnering with other organizations for community events, and various types of kids’ ministry, right here in Tulsa, OK.


Speaking at local churches is one of our favorite ways to empower and encourage the body of Christ. At request, we speak at churches across the state of Oklahoma to help remind us all of what is at the center of our Father’s heart: people.


Jesus was very specific in his final call before he ascended- that we are to take the Gospel first to our communities, then across the globe. We are honored to have the opportunity to lead mission trips yearly to the Dominican Republic and soon to many other countries! On these trips, we serve with local pastors to meet physical needs in the community with the distribution of resources (food, clothing, haircuts, etc) while also spreading the Gospel through evangelism, kids’ events, and conferences.

Leadership Development

Part of the foundation of the early church was to focus on discipleship of the body of Christ. We take this challenge and help grow leaders and empower them to embark on the journey that God has set out for them. 

What We Are Called To

Our Values

At Embark, our values are based on the principles found in the Holy Word of God and what is important to the Creator of the universe. We believe Jesus died for the world and that God’s heart is for every person on this Earth to know Him. 



God has called each one of us to be a disciple of his Word.


Mission Mindset

Jesus’ last words told us to GO – share the light of Christ wherever we are. 



Before we can take the Gospel across the globe, we have to be willing to take it across the street.

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Our Greatest Goal:

That people would come to know the name of Jesus and discover their purpose in this life.

Our Founders

Learn About Us

Miranda and Joshua Freeman got married in 2018 with a strong desire to pursue missions. They founded Embark Global Ministries in 2021 as a way to pursue their passions of sharing the Gospel around the world while empowering the body of Christ to do the same. Miranda and Joshua previously served as local pastors in the Tulsa area for three years before stepping away to chase the dream of global missions that God placed strongly in their hearts. Both have traveled extensively on mission trips since they were teenagers. Joshua lived full-time as a missionary in Haiti for three years and has led many mission trips to build homes, develop orphanages, and begin feeding programs since then. Miranda is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling to help bring advocacy for mental health and overall wellness across the world, especially for vulnerable populations. Both Miranda and Joshua desire to use the specific giftings and tools that God has gifted them with to bring hope and light to wherever their feet touch the ground.

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